Mindfulness Money Plan- FREE Template

You pray an unexpected expense doesn't pop up because you’d have to put yet another charge on the credit cards that you are trying to pay off. And you’ve tried again and again to get out of debt, save up enough for an emergency fund, or to budget in advance for a guilt-free vacation. Trust me, I've been there. Review for living paycheck to paycheck; zero out of five stars.

Now, I use my money to live my absolute best life. And, I want to show you how to do it, too.

What if you could save and invest enough money each month, and then use the rest of your money guilt-free for whatever makes you happy?

Well, you can with a little work. This is what the Mindfulness Money Plan is all about.

To get started, you need to decide where you want your money to go ahead of time (you could write it out in your cellphones notes sections, but I have something a bit better for you).

Would a few hours of planning be worth it so you can spend on things that bring you joy? It will help automate your saving and investing and make your spending decisions clear. You will also be able to focus on spending money on things that align with your values and what brings you joy - whether it's monthly massages, regularly donating to charities or taking memorable trips with your family - instead of whatever you spend on out of habit.

You don't need to get overwhelmed by a complicated system. To get started, all you need is a simple plan and you can work to fine tune it over time.

I've already created a ready-to-use Mindfulness Money Plan for you. Just enter your info for a free download.

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